The CFO Connection
Strong Management Teams Need Strong CFOs

Discover how Permanent Part Time CFO Support can help your business.

The Part Time CFO Difference

The CFO Connection understands business challenges and the need to close the gap between strategy and execution. Our time-tested integrated approach looks at your business from various perspectives including your customer and all groups that touch them. Best of all, we are an affordable solution as a part-time CFO since you get all the expertise you need without having to hire a full-time and expensive CFO.

As part time chief financial officers we

  • are permanent members of your team.
  • take a holistic approach to solving
        your problems
  • become a fully integrated part of
        your organization
  • make recommendations with
        your involvement.
  • are proactive implementing action steps
        rather than providing a list of
  • We are results oriented to help you reach
    your goals

How Our CFOs Work

Our process begins with a no-cost discovery session that helps us understand your business challenges and how we would work together. This process is how we partner with you to develop time-tested, responsive, and innovative strategies that give you greater visibility throughout your organization. As a result, the CFO you work with will help you take the necessary steps to lower costs, reduce risk, and achieve your business objectives in an ever-changing business environment. This approach fully supports your highest priority: increasing customer satisfaction.


Customized Financial Analysis

If you need financial modeling but are too busy to do it yourself, one of our experienced CFOs can do it for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Doing Business in Brazil

The CFO Connection can help you do business in Brazil with our dedicated team.


We offer custom designed workshops at your facility or ours and tailored for your exact requirements.