White Collar Productivity: Not Necessarily a Contradiction in Terms

White collar productivity is notoriously difficult to measure. Some estimates have it as low as 50%. It could a bit higher, maybe a bit lower. But that’s the point: we don’t really know.

What we do know is that it’s lower than it should be. For example, there’s plenty of evidence that it lags quite substantially behind blue collar productivity. Why?

One of the main reasons is that IT investments aimed at increasing productivity have focused predominantly on operational execution – which falls into the domain of blue collar work. White collar work is far more difficult to pin down.

Focused more on strategic concerns, white collar work often involves a lot of meetings, discussions and collaboration with colleagues.  While some of this is necessary, much of it acts as a productivity-killer.

A lack of measurements, meanwhile, leaves many white collar workers to prove their value the old fashion way – by working longer hours. But longer hours do not necessarily mean better results.

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Our seasoned pros understand the importance of being productive. When we engage a client, we hit the ground running – with no training required. And while we work intimately with management teams to meet corporate objectives, we keep the water cooler at an arm’s length and meetings to an absolute minimum.

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