The Constant Connection of an Enduring Business Relationship

When you work with The CFO Connection, you get a dedicated CFO that acts as an integral member of your executive team – helping you make decisions and drive initiatives that move your company forward. The model is not project-by-project. To the contrary, the relationship is designed for enduring business continuity and value. Your CFO, provided at a reasonable cost, remains connected to your company, building relationships within your organization that pay off in the near and long-term alike.

After twelve years of delivering CFOs according to this model, The CFO Connection knows that it works. On more than one occasion throughout our history we have successfully replaced full time CFOs – delivering more value at less cost to our business partners. We have never been told that we do not give enough support.

The model is based on a combination of on-site and off-site support. This includes visits throughout the month coupled with off-site connections throughout the course of the relationship, either by telephone, email, or remote desktop support. While on-site, we review and set things in motion. While off-site, we monitor and direct. This allows us to have a continuous influence on your organization on a daily basis. It also delivers to you the expertise of a permanent, highly experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost of a full time executive-level position.