The CFO Connection Process

4 Steps to Business Growth

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01. Discovery

The CFO Connection Process is a no-cost discovery session that lets us understand your business challenges and how we would work together.

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02. Focus

Our process is one of focus. There is a saying that if you try to be all things to all people, you will end up satisfying no one.

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03. Planning

Some decisions you need to make will apply to your immediate requirements and the challenges you face.

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04. Reporting

Identify where your problems ultimately show up, such as with poorly managed assets, unweilding debt resulting in cash problems.

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The CFO Connection Process To ….

01. No-Cost Discovery Session

This process and how we team with you has enabled our customers to develop time-tested, responsive, and innovative strategies to give you greater visibility throughout your organization. As a result, we help you lower costs, reduce risk, and achieve business objectives in an ever-changing business environment. Moreover, our approach fully supports your highest priority: increasing customer satisfaction.



02. Focus

Our methodology is to start by first understanding your relationship with your customers.

Why would we begin this way? Because the products and services you offer are determined by how you define your customer. This shapes decisions about your staffing, your facilities and your approach to marketing and the value you offer to your customers.

03. Planning

Some decisions you need to make apply to your immediate requirements and the challenges you face. Others are for the long term — what you envision as you overcome your current challenges and move forward. By isolating these decisions, we help you and your staff understand profitability now and into the future.

Your people and organization is your life blood. How do your people fit into your short and long term plans? Is more training needed for your staff to have them perform more effectively? Do your people, your teams, and groups relate well to one another? If there are problems and distractions among your staff and the way they interact, then the time and quality to focus on satisfying your customers is at risk.

04. Reporting

The last area that our discovery process covers is reporting. Is your P&L friendly? Does it reflect how you do business? Can you determine profitability by profit line? What is your breakeven point? Is it formatted the way your bank likes to see it? And finally is your Balance Sheet well managed. This is where your problems ultimately show up with poorly managed assets, unweilding debt resulting in cash problems.

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Gain Greater Insight by Phone

Through The CFO Connection Process’ integrated approach, we run through a series of questions that guide us to a mutual understanding of issues and options. During our phone discussion, we will have a highly productive structured conversation and believe that you will come away with a greater insight about your organization as well as how we operate as business people and part of your team, not as compliance-oriented accountants.

Your Next Step

When you apply the insights gained, you can achieve your goals, accomplish your strategic objectives, and gain a competitive advantage by fully realizing the true potential of the best qualities in your organization. We have seen that this approach work for our clients and we believe it can work for you.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary assessment to jump start your business.


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