The CFO Connection Offers Liaison Services For Companies Doing Business In Brazil

BOSTON, Massachusetts – September 5, 2012 –  The CFO Connection, a Boston-based firm that provides part-time CFO services to growing companies in North and South America, is now offering liaison services to help organizations do business in Brazil. Through these services, customers can establish a business foothold in the vibrant, expanding Brazilian economy with substantially less risk than going it alone.

The CFO Connection, having a presence in Brazil, sees this offering as a new opportunity for growing companies to compete in a globalized economy without expending resources on the consulting services of the big firms. “We offer a personal touch and the ability to shape our services to the individual needs of our customers,” said Bob Thompson, founder and CEO of The CFO Connection. “There’s no reason why a company should be prevented from doing business in Brazil because of size.”

Liaison services from The CFO Connection cover activities such as:

  • Scoping the Brazilian market for relevant opportunities
  • Managing communications across languages and cultures to ensure a successful business launch
  • Helping you build the staff you need
  • Creating legal structures that honor Brazilian requirements while optimizing business flexibility and potential for profit
  • Providing investment guidance to finance overseas operations
  • Locating and retaining warehouse space to store product inventory locallyNavigating Brazilian tariff laws to support compliant trading practices

All services are delivered primarily through two members of The CFO Connection team: Wilberto Lima Jr. and Ivete do Rocio Annies. Lima, a Brazilian native with extensive business experience, works on the US side where he assesses market conditions in Brazil, advises customers on where best to locate, and helps facilitate the start-up of business operations. Rocio Annies, also a Brazilian native and practicing business attorney, works on the Brazilian side. There she provides legal and business services to navigate the Brazilian regulatory system.

Both speak Portuguese, English and Spanish.  Both have executive-level international business experience. And both have run businesses of their own. The end result for customers of The CFO Connection is a smoother, more predictable process for establishing a business presence in Brazil.

“Doing business in a foreign country for the first time is often full of unforeseen risks,” said Thompson. “When it comes to Brazil, customers of the CFO Connection can avoid the common pitfalls that have the power to derail an overseas venture. We have the know-how, the experience, and the relationships required to help our customers succeed.”


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