The CFO Connection Featured in Article

Recently The CFO Connection was featured in an article by Captain Buz of BUZGate offering advice for Building Your Woman-Owned Small Business by Leveraging a Virtual Network.

In addition to recommending setting up virtual networks that include accountants, bookkeepers, a virtual office assistant and additional resources, he recommends a chief financial officer:

“Big businesses use a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) because they require the specialized knowledge and perspective that such a professional can provide. A self-employment or very small organization requires the same high level of professional support and yet can’t afford and doesn’t require that support on a full-time basis. This level of professional service can be provided very affordably on a part-time basis ranging from one time strategy development consultations to monthly review and discussion. The CFO Connection has finance professionals available to work with most types of businesses in a part-time affordable capacity.” also offers comprehensive information on the The 5 Steps To Successful Self-Employment which is helpful for anyone starting a new business.

If you are a newer business, a full-time CFO may not be an option. A part-time CFO as an affordable alternative to help you get your business on the right path to growth. Call us to learn if a part-time CFO is the right fit for you and your company.


[This article was updated October 2016. Links that are no longer available were removed.]