Celebrating 15 Years of Business

The CFO Connection Celebrates 15 Years of Business

My original notion was to simply find a medium-sized company that would take me on as a part-time CFO. The hope was that this part-time approach would help remove from the equation much of the inefficiencies that seem to come with full-time positions – while focusing my energies on what’s most important about the CFO position.

Which begs the question: what exactly is most important about the CFO position? As I went around and talked to people in my network, I learned quite a bit about this.

What companies need most are results. Processes need to be put in place to increase efficiency. Financing needs to be secured to fund expansion. Decisions need to be made to develop the business.

Yes there was a cultural leaning – an assumption, perhaps – toward full time. But for people who run businesses, what matters most is finding someone to get the job done. The full-time/part-time distinction is beside the point.

The more I paid attention to what the people in my network were telling me, the more I came to realize a market need for the part-time CFO model – a need that still exists to this day.

One development that has helped make this model work is the advent of telecommuting – or the ability to connect no matter where you are. This is because the part-time CFO is not about showing up at the office on particular days and staying for a particular number of hours. It’s about being available to advise. It’s about making commitments about what needs to be delivered – and then following through. Sometimes that means being on site. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Today. The CFOs working with The CFO Connection understand the value of this model – which helps us serve multiple customers at the same time while providing the flexibility to better manage our personal lives. For customers of The CFO Connection, the part-time model means more for less – such as the ability to tap into the full range of resources we possess as a group without having to commit to all of those resources on a full-time basis.

We’ve worked with The CFO Connection for well over a decade now. It’s a permanent relationship on a part-time basis – one that has helped us consistently excel as a company.”
– Steve Damalas, President, Electronic Fasteners Inc.

For us, The CFO Connection just makes sense: Financial expertise, business acumen, and technical knowledge – all on a long-term basis, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. The value is tremendous.
– Michael Woronka, CEO, Action Ambulance Service, INC.