We offer custom designed financial workshops at your facility or ours.

This is an example of a workshop held recently in the Boston area:

Making Your Financial Statements Work How you can use your financial statement as a tool to make your business grow!

Making Your Financial Statements Work is a practical workshop designed for business owners who want to make their businesses more successful by using their financial statements to propel strategic plans.

Here’s why you should attend this workshop:

  • Your financial statements are a puzzle.
  • Your bank is displeased with your financial reports.
  • your increased sales are not showing in your bottom line.
  • Your cash flow is weak.
  • You have another financial management problems you would like to discuss.
    • Is your balance sheet confusing?
    • Is your accounting system a management asset?

During this workshop, you’ll learn these valuable financial management skills:

  • The power of “outside-in” thinking!
    • See how your financial statement can measure the progress you’re making against your strategic plan. No theoretical exercises! You’ll learn how to set objectives and how to act immediately to achieve them.
  • How to design an income statement that supports the strategic plan.
    • How not to be sucked into the detail before you have the big picture.
  • The balance sheet is critical.
    • Learn how to read it and manage it.