Other Services

Services that we have provided other clients include:

  • Intercompany Relations
    The growth of the company through acquisitions created inter-company issues. We helped to identify those issues and to deal with them at an appropriate arms length.
  • Billings and Collections
    We set up procedures that tied the billing to active projects and created a routine for collections
  • Revenue Recognition
    Using the “matching principle”, we showed how income could be more appropriately recognized in the business year services were rendered. We then helped them structure sales contract to properly reflect this.
  • Balance Sheet Issues
    We helped them clean up the balance sheet, identifying write-offs that prepared the company for its IPO.
  • Benchmarking
    After the company’s CFO resigned, the CEO interviewed candidates for the full time position. After the interviewing process the CEO felt that he would get better value from The CFO Connection on a part time basis.
  • Cash Flow Problems
    The company was “bumping up against” its bank credit limit. Part of the problems was a weak collections program. We implemented procedures that allowed the company to free $1 million for day-to-day operations, avoiding a credit crisis.
  • Financial Reporting
    We restructured financial reporting to better reflect the breakout of fixed and variable costs. This provided management with a clearer view of profits and allowed them to better manage costs. It also gave a better handle on the breakeven point.
  • Human Resources
    Restructured annual review procedures so the company could manage salary expense in a logical way. This included a market review, which avoided creating or perpetuating salary inequities in the changeover.
  • Acquistion
    The company had a strong balance sheet but was operating in a weak market. This created an opportunity to acquire a weaker competitor. As a result we analyze and explore other acquisition possibilities.
  • Financial Modeling
    Emerging companies needed financial models to accompany their Business Plans. We created financial models specifically for their company which allowed them to determine the feasibility of their business model and to raise funds.
  • Emergency Reporting
    A retail chain store had fallen desperately behind in its financial reports. Existing personnel, lost in details, were failing to produce the necessary reports for it CPA to finish the company’s taxes. Our recommendations were “break through” thinking, which allowed the accounting staff to rapidly meet their reporting deadlines.
  • Profitability by Customer
    We helped the company determine the cost of providing its customers with shelf stocking and other customer specific programs. This analysis which broke down profitability by customer, allowed the CEO to make business decisions account by account, knowing what his actual expenses were against the sales supporting them.

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