Financial Modeling

Stop Flying By the Seat of Your Pants!

Customized Financial Models Created for $3,000-$6,000

A financial model will ground your business plan in the realities of month to month operations. Rather than “flying by the seat of your pants”, you’ll have the information you need to forecast cash, project revenue and control expenses. You’ll see clearly into the future, as you plan and operate your business. With a financial model in place, your banker, CPA, as well as, Venture Capital Firms will view your company as both well organized, and aware of its operating realities.

Who Can Benefit From A Financial Model?

  • Start Ups Trying to Raise Funding
  • Mature Companies Seeking To Sell
  • Successful companies wishing to develop a realistic long-term business plan.

Our Financial Models are Working Tools

Once we create your financial model, you’ll be able to update it using new operating data to continuously review where your business stands. Your model will use your chart of accounts to allow interface with your accounting system.

The financial model would generally include the following support schedules flowing into the summary schedules:

  • Summary by department
  • Equity Investment
  • Revenue – customized for your business
  • Cost of Sales – customized for your business
  • Staffing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Debt/Financing
  • Inventory (if required)
  • Variables – includes fringe rate, interest rates, inventory turns, accounts receivable days, accounts payable days and factors to calculate other balance sheet items.

Do “What If’s” As You Plan For the Future

The financial model would be integrated, so that a change in one component would flow through. Thus you could do “what ifs”. It would also separate fixed and variable costs which would facilitate break-even analysis.

It Costs Nothing To Get Started!

You’ve read this far, so you see how valuable Financial Modeling can be to a well-run company.

Now let’s talk specifically about your needs. Send us an email or callĀ  (978) 255-1236. We’ll be happy to further explain the process of creating a financial model and how financial modeling can benefit you.

At your request, we’ll provide a proposal based on your business plan and give you an estimate for the project, most likely between $3,000-$6,000, depending on complexity and your particular situation. Please contact us today!

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