Heather Waldman

Heather Waldman, CFO, Toronto, Canada

Heather Waldman, CFO, Toronto CanadaHeather Waldman understands what it takes for organizations to grow and prosper. A seasoned CFO with more than 30 years of experience, she strategizes with executive teams to define and execute the projects that drive financial and business value. While strong technical skills help her improve internal processes wherever needed, Heather’s ability to lead teams and develop strong relationships also enables her to drive change organization-wide. From treasury, cash, and foreign exchange management to financial forecasting, software system conversion, and strategic business planning, Heather has helped organizations better manage their finances to realize better business futures.

For example, as CFO for the Canadian Tennis Association, Heather developed long-term financial forecasting and strategic planning models that helped the organization see its way forward with greater clarity and confidence. She also introduced a fund accounting methodology to better track donor pledges and worked with the fund raising team to implement Tessitura client relationship management software that streamlined donor tracking activities.

To improve financial reporting and data analysis, Heather also migrated the association to the Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains System. And to help ensure financial compliance, she performed an audit, identified areas of risk, and recommended specific mitigation strategies. Well-honed negotiation skills came in handy as well. To alleviate a temporary cash flow challenge, Heather worked with the association’s bank to secure short-term funding, and when the association wanted capital improvements to its Montreal facility, she negotiated long-term financing and helped close the loan.

Elsewhere in her career, Heather has demonstrated similar financial and business acumen. Consulting to DayMen Photo Marketing, a wholesale distributor of innovative photo and electronic accessories, she helped bring the company through a sale and to restructure its finance department to improve reporting. With Red Pages, a start-up print media company, she helped raise $2.5M to fund operations while developing new financial systems to ensure data integrity and financial transparency, and with PostLinx, a direct marketing communications service provider, she helped to cut overtime by 50%, reduce overhead by 20%, and improve cash flow by approximately $500,000.

Today, Heather is focusing her energies on customers of The CFO Connection in and around the Greater Toronto area. With a keen financial sense and a proven ability to help companies overcome challenges on the road to success, she looks forward to helping these customers achieve their goals.

Heather was educated in South Africa, before moving to Canada. She holds bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Commerce, as well a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy – all from the University of Cape Town. She is also a Chartered Accountant (CA) – in both South Africa and Canada.